Format: Podcast

What: Course Assignment 

Course(s): WRI101: #MeToo Speaking Sexual Violence 

Who: Faculty, Katie Horowitz

Description:  Students work in small groups on a project about women faculty’s experiences of workplace sexual harassment and assault. Each group uses a combination of tools they’ve learned throughout the semester to analyze a set of anonymized interview transcripts from the GenderEd Project, a research collaboration between Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Natalie Delia Deckard, and Davidson students Shelby Holmes ‘20 and Laney O’Shea ‘19.  Students decide what story their interview data tells about gender-based violence in the academy; situate that story with respect to the narrative priorities, possibilities, and limitations we have identified as shaping the broader #MeToo movement; and communicate the story with nuance and precision in the form of a podcast.

Link to example: cannot be shared because of sensitive data

Categories: Digital Projects