Jacob Heil (he/him)
Assistant Director of Digital Learning
On any given day, I'll be working with the incredible Digital Learning team as we consult with faculty and students on digital projects and pedagogies, collaborate with library colleagues to build sustainable platforms and practices for digital scholarship, and connect this work to our collective vision for the Library of the Future. Please be in touch if I can help you to think about (and with) digital tools or methods, open educational resources, critical literacies, or the intersections between the material and the digital.
Tiffany Camp Johnson (she/her)
Research Librarian for Digital Scholarship
Tiffany partners with staff, faculty, and students to foster and support the use of digital tools and techniques to enhance research and to improve teaching and learning, as well as connect the community with digital scholarship. Tiffany frequently collaborates with the library’s Research Learning and Outreach team and the Archives, Special Collections and Community team to bridge the work of librarianship with digital learning, Her interests include research management, open access, and IP.
Zara Rao (she/her)
Digital Learning Fellow
On a typical day, I meet with students and faculty and consult on the use of technology to enhance scholarly communication and learning outcomes. I also research and document how to use various digital learning tools so that the Davidson community can access the resources that empower them to achieve their goals. I create and publish these resources, which are available through the Digital Learning site, along with blog posts and other forms of outreach I create.