Course Organization | Customize Course Image | Avoid Unnecessary Content | Customize Section Names | Add Text in a Label | Concise, Informative Names | Add Image to Label or Section Summary

Course Organization

We suggest you use either Collapsed Topics or Tiles format for your Moodle course layout. You can change by clicking on the cogwheel in the upper right corner of your course and going to “Edit Settings”.

After you organize your course, think about creating a short narrated tour of your Moodle page for students.

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Customize Course Image on Dashboard

As the Moodle default view is Dashboard, you may want to add an image to your course. You could use any image you wish really – related to your course or not. You can add an image in the Description area when editing your course settings. We suggest an image that is 96dpi and 300X115 pixels.

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Avoid Unnecessary Content on your Course Page

Try to keep only essential resources on your course page. If you have some supplementary resources you’d like to share, perhaps create a page of links or a link to a Google Doc that contains the supplementary material.

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Customize Section Names

You can customize the names of the sections of your course if you wish. If your course is more topic focused, feel free to edit course sections and call them whatever you think best suits your purpose.

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Add Text in a Label

To help organize your course sections you can use labels. Adding some text in labels can clarify or emphasize parts of your course sections.

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Give Activities and Resources Concise, Informative Names

Nomenclature in your course Activities and Resources is quite important. Make sure that all the files you share are clearly labelled before you upload them. When adding an Activity or Resource to your page, do the same. You could even consider giving extra information – for example: you are sharing a YouTube video. You could call this RESOURCE_NAME (YouTube Video). This allows people to know when/where they should watch/read your resources.

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Add an Image to a Label or Section Summary

You can add images to labels or section summaries if you think it beneficial. This should be done for meaningful images only.

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