Technology & Inovation’s Academic Loaner Pool


The Davidson College academic loaner pool consists of variety of audio, video and photography kits. Each kit consists of a DSLR style camera, capable of high resolution photography or full-HD video. The kits also include audio recorders for on the spot interviews, audio for video or podcasting. In addition to the kits, standalone audio recorders are available for checkout.


  • Option 1 – Professor Checkout

Equipment can be checked out to a professor for a course project. The kit will be checked out for the duration of the project. A consultation with one of our instructional designers is required if you plan to checkout a kit for a course project. Multiple kits can be checked out for a course but may be limited by demand. The kit would then be shared and managed between enrolled students of the course and returned upon completion of the project.

  • Option 2 – Student Checkout

Students can also checkout equipment for class projects. The duration of the checkout is limited to 48 hours in order to keep inventory circulating. Checkout can be done during student tech (whatever we’re calling the basement staff) hours. If all equipment is checked out, a queue will be made and the students will get notified upon availability. If demand is low and there is no queue, the student can re-checkout the equipment for an additional 48 hours. (How do we word it to make clear that professors can’t just assume gear is available and assign projects without consultation?)

  • Additional Non-Academic Use or Departmental Checkout

There are a set of video cameras that are available for checkout for projects and recordings that are not part of an academic curriculum. This includes guest speakers, job candidate presentations and student events. Checkout is for 48 hours. This is a do-it-yourself (DYI) policy. Training and support for the camera is made available to the user by members of the Instructional Design team and our student workers. The user is then responsible for all usage thereafter, including but not limited to, event recording, editing and posting of content for viewing.  Availability is limited, so please contact us for more information.

  • Professional Camera Equipment

There is limited availability to professional, cinema grade camera equipment which includes a 4K camera, DSLR and high end audio and lighting equipment. Usage of this equipment is granted only to those willing to take extensive training in a course. It is primarily for students who are wanting to learn advanced camera methods and production techniques. Please write if there is interest in this line of equipment.