Format: Infographic 

What: Research Assignment

Course(s): PSY241 Child Development Fall 2019 

Who: Psychology Professor, Drew Gadaire 

Description: For this course assignment, students worked in groups to synthesize and communicate scholarly research applied to a particular toy or social program in the form of an infographic. Students were asked to investigate more on a children’s toy on the market or a social program aimed at child development. They created infographics that summarized the purpose of the toy, evaluated how well the toy met the areas of child development it claimed to meet using scholarly research, and provided suggestions for improvement. 

More information on the assignment: For two class sessions, the DL team came in for 1) a workshop on how to design an infographic (including what it is, where to find copyright-free images and icons, and other basic design principles ) and 2) a 20-min “check-in” and revisions session closer to the due date. *Resource: Designing an Infographic Slide Deck

Project Description & Rubric:

Link to examples:

Infographics courtesy of student groups from the class: Caroline Coffey & Charlotte MacKenzie,  Owen Wood & Carson Walker, Helen Zhang, Kait Cvijanovich, & Alex Nikolaidis Konstas, and Rebecca Kobo & Amaya Bradford