Davidson Domains is…

… not just WordPress

  • Davidson Domains is like a laboratory where you can design and test your ideas for presenting information and curating a digital identity for yourself. WordPress is a powerful instrument in your lab, but it’s not the only instrument by far. Reach out to the Digital Learning team to help you think through all of your options!

… great power, and great responsibility

  • Davidson provides you the space and gives you creative control of your site or digital presence, instead of having it hosted by another party. You are the steward of your own data with the agency to use and present it how you would like. For better or worse, you get to know what it means to “own” your digital identity.

… a unique opportunity

  • Using a personalized, digital space to host or create content allows you to exercise an unmatched level of agency over how your work appears and is presented. Domains is a like lab in which the only limiting factors are how much time you want to spend experimenting and learning with the tools at your disposal.

Digital Learning + Domains

The Digital Learning Team at Davidson partners on digital projects that use Davidson Domains, whether individual or class-based. We support innovative and creative uses of Davidson Domains; we’re not just another WordPress tech support group. Which isn’t to say we don’t support the tech: we have a knowledgeable and eager team of Media Consultants for whom your questions provide great experiential learning opportunities! Domains is vast: think of Davidson’s T&I folks as our lab’s architects who can help you with technical, “back-end” questions; the Digital Learning team can help you design your experiments, and we can help you learn the tools of experimentation.

Areas of Focus

Web Presence & Digital Identity

  • Who are you and how do you want to present yourself online? Who do you want as an audience for your work? How can you best share your work and where will it lead you? We can help you think about all of these questions and make sure you are creating with intention.

Website Design

  • The design of your site is a key pillar of your digital identity and can either enhance or detract from the content you want to present. We can help you organize your site, choose the aesthetic and layout, and ensure it is accessible for all.

Digital Media Ownership

  • Having your own domain offers the opportunity to learn about the nuances of ownership. Not only can you use what you personally make, you can permissibly use others’ work and we can guide you through understanding intellectual property, copyright, public domain, Creative Commons, fair use, etc.

Additional Resources