Hypothesis is a tool for collaborative annotation of web content. Hypothesis allows users to take notes on web content (articles, blogs), view and reply to the notes of classmates. Users can make comments, reflections or, if a website is created for a class project, provide suggestions for edits and revisions to a web page. It is a useful tool to encourage students to engage with web content/ articles and view the comments of their classmates and instructors. Here is more information on using Hypothesis in Moodle.

Potential Applications

  • Share a page you annotated to add related links or highlight the most significant points.
  • Have small groups annotate a page and present their notes to the rest of the class.
  • Share a reading assignment through Hypothes.is and use the students’ notes as a guide for the following class, considering what the class found most confusing or interesting.
  • Annotate a text with questions for the students to answer as they read.
  • Have students build off one another’s annotations to deepen collaborative discussion.
  • Utilize the unanchored annotations for annotated bibliographies.

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Tips and Tricks

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