Personalizing your Zoom profile allows you to customize your settings to what will be most useful for you and your purposes. Below, we outline some settings you may find useful in your classes and meetings.

A screenshot of the options menu at

Under Profile, you can change your profile picture and view your Personal Meeting ID number. This number is unique to you and known as your “Zoom Room.” You can use this number to have an impromptu meeting or a recurring meeting if you don’t want to set up a scheduled and specific meeting. You can also add your name pronunciation and pronouns to your display name by clicking the “Edit” button in line with your name and typing the details after your last name.

Under Meetings, you can see which meetings are scheduled or recurring and schedule a new meeting.

In Recordings, you can access any previous recorded Zoom sessions. We recommend you put these recordings in a Cloud Storage account, such as Google Drive, or as unlisted videos on YouTube, if you want to share them with students.

Settings allow you to adjust various settings on Zoom. We recommend that you have 

  • “Mute Participants Upon Entry” ON 
  • “Participants Video” OFF
  • “Join before host” ON
  • “Auto-saving Chats” ON
  • “File transfer” ON
  • “Polling” ON
  • “Annotation” ON
  • “Nonverbal Feedback” ON
  • “Breakout rooms” ON