Zoom Chat offers students a way to send messages to the entire class or directly to the lecturer or other participant without activating their microphones. 

Potential Applications:

  • Students who are too nervous to pose questions in front of the whole class can privately message the professor or chat monitor and have their questions answered anonymously to reduce their anxiety.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Chat can be limited so that participants can only chat with the host and the entire group, removing their ability to direct message one another.
  • If responding to a question verbally, ensure that you read it aloud for clarity.
  • When a student raises their hand to ask a question during a lecture, consider if you call on them immediately, or when you’ve reached a good stopping point. 
  • If a student posts a question in the chat box during the lecture, you can respond as you usually would: wait until a stopping point to read the question aloud, answer immediately and directly, or when you first notice the question in the chat box, read the question aloud and answer promptly.