There are many different ways to create collaborative spaces online and one of the easiest to set up is collaborative Google Slides. You can easily share with your students using links or through email and they can work on whatever task you set for them in the Slides. These “decks” can be structured in a bunch of different ways and you can always see who makes what changes and when.

You may wish to assign students individual slides for them to work on, or assign several slides to a specific group/individual to flesh out. Using slides as a mind map or mood board or just as separate work spaces provides (a)synchronous opportunities for knowledge creation and building.

How might Google Slides be useful in your classroom?

  • Interaction: you and your students can use comment features to give feedback/insight/suggestions about anything shared in the deck.
  • Collaboration: your students can share their work and help each other build new directions for their research/ideas.
  • Cooperation: using their slides over the course of a semester/module, students gradually help each other and learn from each other in new ways.

Check out the Google intro to slides support materials for some tips and tricks.