The following section goes over the technologies available to enable group work and collaboration.

Google Suite

You have access to Google Drive and the Google Suite using your Davidson email address. The Google Suite gives you access to Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets among other apps. Sharing options can be used to allow for collaborative editing, suggesting, or commenting.


If group work is essential to your course, you may want to set up groups and allow students to give each other peer feedback using CATME. Students take a survey that you create and the answers are used to group them. For example, available times could be an option that would be helpful for students who are remote.

Go to the website and sign up using your Davidson email address. We have a site license. You will receive a message about payment that you can ignore.

Check out this video from Dr. Chris Paradise about how he uses CATME. He gives a great overview of how to use it as well.