If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please email digitallearning@davidson.edu.

Who is the Digital Learning Team?

Meet our team. You can also email us at digitallearning@davidson.edu

Who are our stellar student workers?

Meet our Media Consultants.

Is Digital Learning part of the Library?

Yes! You can check out the Library website for more resources.

What are some of the digital projects I can do in class?

Check out our Digital Scholarship Methods to get a better idea.

What is Davidson Domains?

Davidson Domains is a space to experiment, design, and publish. Learn more about Davidson Domains: What & Why.

How do I set up Davidson Domains?

Follow the steps on the Setting up your Domain page.

Can I do a Podcast?

Yes! Check out our Digital Media Resources page.

I’d like to learn more about digital design. Where do I begin?

Start with our Design 101 page!