5 Step Design Process- 1)Idea, 2)Plan, 3)Produce, 4)Distribute, 5)Preserve



with us to design and implement digital projects any stage of the process.

Think: student portfolios, documentaries, podcasts


how to use fundamental technology for educational contexts.

Think: Moodle, Warpwire, Video Equipment


Davidson Domains— how, why, and ways to use for learning and research.

Think: digital projects, scholarship, networks, professional opportunities

Digital Projects

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We work with a variety of digital initiatives related to scholarship, teaching, and learning happening at Davidson College. To explore what other faculty and students are doing with creative, digital projects, tap the button.

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Introductions From Afar

Hello! I’m Maddy, taking over the Digital Learning Fellow position (and blog!) for the next two years. Where Ikra started this position with an interest in web design and accessibility, I’m geared towards the critical education aspects: why do we use the tools we use? How do they shape our learning and teaching? How do […]