Digital Learning Staff

Guided by Davidson’s primary purpose “to assist students in developing humane instincts and disciplined and creative minds for lives of leadership and service” we strive to include digital spaces in these endeavors. In what ways can technology be leveraged for active learning, working outside of classroom walls, creating authentic assignments, and building student agency?

The Digital Learning Team collaborates with faculty on the use, development, and evaluation of a wide range of teaching and learning technologies. We are available to assist in the design of assignments, projects, or courses that involve digital tools and spaces. You may have an idea for a project or assignment that uses story mapping, timelines, podcasts, video, infographics, and social media, or you would like to develop an online course space.

The Digital Learning team and our colleagues in the library are here to answer your questions. We are available by appointment in the library 9am – 4pm (EST) Monday through Friday.

If you want to partner in a class, please email Other Digital Learning-specific questions can be emailed to

Jacob Heil (he/him)
Assistant Director of Digital Learning
On any given day, I'll be working with the incredible Digital Learning team as we consult with faculty and students on digital projects and pedagogies, collaborate with library colleagues to build sustainable platforms and practices for digital scholarship, and connect this work to our collective vision for the Library of the Future. Please be in touch if I can help you to think about (and with) digital tools or methods, open educational resources, critical literacies, or the intersections between the material and the digital.
Tiffany Camp Johnson (she/her)
Research Librarian for Digital Scholarship
Tiffany partners with staff, faculty, and students to foster and support the use of digital tools and techniques to enhance research and to improve teaching and learning, as well as connect the community with digital scholarship. Tiffany frequently collaborates with the library’s Research Learning and Outreach team and the Archives, Special Collections and Community team to bridge the work of librarianship with digital learning, Her interests include research management, open access, and IP.
Zara Rao (she/her)
Digital Learning Fellow
On a typical day, I meet with students and faculty and consult on the use of technology to enhance scholarly communication and learning outcomes. I also research and document how to use various digital learning tools so that the Davidson community can access the resources that empower them to achieve their goals. I create and publish these resources, which are available through the Digital Learning site, along with blog posts and other forms of outreach I create.

Media Consultants

Students: Media Consultants are available to help you with various digital media projects using technology platforms such as Davidson Domains, the Adobe Creative Suite, iMovie, podcasting, and more.

Faculty: Media Consultants can be assigned as the main point of contact for a class project who students access for the support they need during the semester.

Media Consultants are available by appointment in the Research and Design Studio in the library from 8pm – 11pm (EST) Sunday through Thursday.

Emmanuel Atia
Emmanuel (he/him), class of 2024, is from Kumasi, Ghana. He is an Economics major and the Vice President of the Davidson African Student Association. Emmanuel is a member of the Davidson Investment and Finance Association as well as Davidson Pre-Business Society and Davidson Club Soccer. During the summer of 2021, he worked as a Digital Learning Intern with the Davidson E.H Little Library’s Digital Learning Team. Emmanuel is excited to continue to work with the team as a Media Consultant and help his peers in digital projects.
Kennie Torres Rosado
Kennie (he/him), class of 2025, is from Charlotte, NC, and he intends to major in Economics and minor in Data Science. He plans to join the Soccer Club and/or fencing club soon. He is very skilled in Word and Powerpoint. He began his training in Middle School and has improved every year since then. Kennie is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and German. Kennie has also had some experience tutoring as he did so everyday for 4 years in High School. He is excited to help peers in translation, language academics, and essay writing/presentation.

Nina Seijn
Nina (she/hers/her), class of 2025, is from Greensboro, North Carolina and is double majoring in Political Science and History. Nina spends her free time working with clubs such as Minds do Matter or Wildcrafts, as well as volunteering at the Davidson Community Garden. She has experience in Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Fresco, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, video recording/editing, and operating the Davidson College VR Lab. This is her third year as a Media Consultant, and she is excited to return to work!
Lisa Meng
Lisa (she/her/hers), class of 2024, is from Shandong, China. Her majors are Communication Studies and Sociology. She is a Chorale member and also the Publicity Chair of the Chinese Culture Club. She is also a Communication Consultant at the Speaking Center. She has experience in working as a Gig-Hub Consultant for a Digital Marketing project. She is so excited to start her first year as a Digital Media Consultant. She is especially interested in website design and video editing. She looks forward to learning more about media applications and participating in various digital projects.
Ann Nishida
Ann (she/her/hers), class of 2024, is from Ridgewood, NJ. She is a Biology major on the pre-med track. In addition to being a media consultant, she is a SGA liaison for the Pan-Asian Student Association, mentor for the STRIDE program, and a Japanese conversation partner for the SIL program. She is excited to meet people and help anyone with their digital projects and assignments!
Elham Said
Elham (She/Her/Hers), class of 2025, is from Giza, Egypt and she has not decided on her major yet. Elham loves being outdoors, nature, and any kind of animal, but her favorite types of animals are cats. She also loves water and the sea and she is part of the swimming club. Lastly, her personality type is ENFJ (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging)!!
Valeriia Kruzhkova
Valeriia, class of 2026, is from Ukraine.
Musah Morro
Musah (he/him), class of 2026, is from Ghana. He is Biology and Public Health double major. On campus, he is involved with Davidson’s Pre medicine and Allied Health Professions and Bonner Scholars Program where he volunteers at Habitat for Humanity. He enjoys working with a variety of people when it comes to health care and beyond. Musah is excited to work with the team as a media consultant and help his peers with digital projects.
Zoe Ren
Zoe (she/her), class of 2024, is from Chapel Hill, NC, and she is a Digital and Screen Media Studies major. On campus, Zoe is involved in Dance Ensemble, Bhangra, Dharma, and Club Volleyball. She loves exploring different forms of storytelling and has experience as a graphic designer, UI/UX designer, illustrator, and creative writing tutor. She is very excited about joining the media consultant term and is looking forward to helping people with their projects.
Leen Khasawneh
Leen is a junior-senior majoring in Digital and Screen Media. With a primary interest in audio and visual production, Leen has some background in graphic design and visual storytelling. Leen enjoys wacky, experimental approaches to media and creating human-centered art rooted in political and social causes. Leen’s career interests include being a light technician and creative director for music videos, experimental films, and short animation projects. Academically, Leen appreciates philosophy, cultural studies, and history. Leen is happy to assist you with editing, storyboarding, and whatever support you could use relating to video and audio.