This page will guide you through the steps to host an image in Dropbox to use in JS TIMELINE & elsewhere.

Please note that you must change sharing settings for EVERY IMAGE you wish to display.

You can create a folder in your Dropbox account, upload a folder of images from your computer, or add to an existing folder.

  1. First you’ll need to login to your Dropbox account.
  2. Here’s how you CREATE A FOLDER
Screenshot of Dropbox Create Folder command

OR: You can login and UPLOAD A FOLDER from your computer or UPLOAD FILES to an existing folder

Screenshot of Dropbox Upload files or Upload folder

3. However you got your files into Dropbox, the important step is to select the file AND “SHARE”

Screenshot of Dropbox command to share file

4. When you click “Share”, CHOOSE “Anyone with link” and then SAVE

Screenshot of Dropbox "Anyone with a link"

4. Make sure the link at bottom is set to “Anyone with this link can view file” and then CLICK “Copy Link”

Screenshot of Dropbox Create Folder command

5. Go to your JS Timeline Google Spreadsheet and PASTE the link into the MEDIA COLUMN

Screenshot of paste the link in JS Timeline

NB: You can use this same method when you want to share your Dropbox images in many other Applications across the web.