Format: Audio Documentary

What: Course Assignment

Course: LAS 350: Latinx Experiences

Who: Latin American Studies Professor Chuck Sturtevant and Students Carlos J., Rachael D., and Marisa M.

In this strange pandemic year, three committed students took a risk on a class that would push them to find creative ways to be out and about in the community. The centerpiece of the class is the production of an audio documentary – a carefully crafted piece of audio recording – that tells a story of a Latina/o/x community in the North Carolina Piedmont. Three students, Carlos J., Marisa M., and Rachel D., took on this challenge. Working over the phone, on skype, and by text message, each produced an excellent documentary that explores some of the variety of Latinx experiences in the region. Carlos sought connections through soccer. Rachel asked how the pandemic is affecting farmworkers. Marisa went back to high school to see how Latino teachers were working extra to help students and their families stay on track. All three projects balanced excellent research and reporting with stylish sound design and careful attention to craft. 


Playing Soccer as a Latino in North Carolina by Carlos J.

Description: This is the briefest of glances at the intersectionality between soccer and Hispanic identity in the North Carolina region. 

Esenciales: The Story of COVID and North Carolina’s Latine Farmworkers by Rachael D.

Description: Drawing on interviews with local advocates, Esenciales explores the unique vulnerabilities and experiences of North Carolina’s Latine farmworker population as illuminated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Latino Teachers, Latino Communities, and COVID by Marisa M.

This documentary recounts twin challenges faced by Spanish-language teachers as they work to support Latino students and their families at South Mecklenburg High School during the COVID pandemic.