Format:  3D printing technology 

What: 3D artefact 

Course(s): HIS162: Latin America to 1825 (Fall 2018)

Who: Faculty, Jane Mangan 

Description: Jane Mangan, inspired to incorporate new digital technologies into her teaching, had students make 3D models of keros for their course in Latin American history. Kero cups were colonial Andean drinking vessels used for drinks like chicha, or corn beer. Alongside this, students also read primary and secondary sources, such as wills that referenced keros and Thomas Cummin’s Toasts with the Inca, to learn more about the colonial culture around this historical artifact. The 3D models of keros gave students a more tactile learning experience of what a real kero would have looked and felt like.

More information on the assignment: The assignment was inspired by Dr. Mangan’s interest to embrace experimentation and digital modes of teaching in conjunction with analog modes.

Link to example: Interview with Jane Mangan Skip to 23:00 to learn about this course project.

Brown 3D kero cup with paintings of figures and patterns
3D printed kero from HIS162