Format: Davidson Domains 

What: Domains Portfolios 

Course(s): ENG220: Literary Analysis 

Who: English Department, required for all English majors 

Description: The ENG220 Domains Portfolios are a way of building the English majors’ stories. This assignment is about English majors having an opportunity to develop their independent academic digital identities. It is a way of documenting their achievements and progress throughout their intellectual trajectory and a way for students to think through what skills and abilities they have learned. English majors are deeply practical majors, and this assignment is not only about showing its practicality but also empowering Davidson students to reflect truly what they’re able to do with their major for their life here and beyond. 

More information on the assignment: The assignment arose out of the English department’s desire to redesign the traditional way of the English studies to meet communication needs in the 21st century. The department recognized that being able to communicate effectively and build texts in the 21st century was not just about writing a research paper or using Word processor anymore; it was also about digital literacy. Leveraging the Davidson Domains initiative, the department thought creatively about how students could best develop themselves in a way that would help bring them success here and when they go out into the world. Instead of having assignments that felt like a series of hoops disconnected from each other, the domains portfolios is intended to give students more power to connect their learning experience through a digital portfolio and see for themselves what they can do with their major, one that is deeply profound and practical in its heightened attention to the craft of language. 

Rubric, Course Assignment in Syllabus/ Project description: While the exact assignment varies based on the faculty member that teaches the course, an example from Suzanne Churchill version is linked.