Format: Online Course 

What:  Required Online Course for All Incoming First-Years 

Course(s): Davidson Close-Up: Sexual Health & Sexual Misconduct 

Who: Georgia Ringle, Health Education Office in conjunction with Health Education Office and Digital Learning Davidson Fellows Annie Sadler ‘17 and Morgan McGrath ‘17 

Description: This online educational course pulls together many key campus voice— faculty, T&I, Health Education, campus police, Dean of Students, and other relevant student life divisions— to build a nonlinear, curiosity-driven resource about sexual health and sexual misconduct at Davidson College. It offers information about sexual health and misconduct in a language that speaks to students on a peer-to-peer level and includes real Davidson students talking about their experiences. The course was designed to meet a range of students where they are through design thinking sessions and the use of personas. It launched in the summer of 2019 for incoming first-years to take before arriving on campus and garnered great enthusiasm from students.

 The course parallels the similarly-titled pilot course about alcohol use and abuse and models a diverse range of healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors to prompt waves of a campus-wide culture shift that promote and empower every individual student’s choice.

More information: This course was developed using Smart Sparrow course-building platform in a nonlinear structure, where students can click through questions that intrigue them and learn more about those concepts. They do not have to go through all of the questions to succeed in the course. They just have to successfully meet all of the learning concepts, which can be met through a number of different questions. 

Link to example: Davidson Close-Up: Sexual Health & Sexual Misconduct