Format: Online Course 

What: Chemistry Tutorial 

Course(s): CHEM115: Principles of Chemistry Prerequisite 

Who:  Faculty, Durwin Striplin

Description: The tutorial is designed for students who need to continue in the study of chemistry at the college level and desire a robust review of their foundational knowledge.  Students are not getting a grade. The idea is to complete the tutorial as outlined, and in doing so, they can be confident that they have covered the fundamental concepts and mastered the core competencies which are required to prepare them for Davidson’s Chemistry 115 General Chemistry course.  We also provide a valuable resource, and that is access to online tutors who have not only seen all the material in this review but have been successful in Chemistry 115 and other chemistry courses at Davidson.

More information: A special thanks to the peer course tutors, Tatianna Travieso and Teyonn Ennis, and the digital designers of the course, Digital Learning Team Fellow for 2018-19 Annie Sadler ‘17 (original programmer) and assistant director Sundi Richard.