Format: Davidson Domains

What: Website 

Who: Student Taylor Drake 

Description: This project seeks to illuminate how Jews have existed at the College, what kinds of Jewish people have found or made homes here, how they’ve pushed for institutional change, or how the institution has in turn pushed them out. We want to give Jewish students a better sense of where they come from, that it answers some of their questions of how Jewish life at Davidson, for all its quirks and particularities, has gotten to be the way that it is. We also hope this project gives non-Jewish students better understand the experience of being Jewish at Davidson but the nuances, vicissitudes, and paradoxes of modern Jewish life. 

Link to example: Jewish Identity at Davidson

Handwritten College record form of IF Doduck asks for church affiliation, Doduck writes Jewish

A form that I.F. Doduck, one of the first Jewish students, filled out at Davidson. Under the line “church”, the student writes “Jewish”.
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