Brooklyn Bridge

Digital Pedagogy, Identity, Networks, and Scholarship

Join a group of your colleagues to explore participatory networked culture in higher education. Look at what is possible in open spaces and explore what might be applicable to your work with students. You will be asked to use Twitter and blog during the four weeks (this can be done anonymously).

The time commitment for this course is a minimum 2 hours a week. Each week includes readings, a synchronous activity (virtual guest, Twitter chat, Flash Mob Annotation), and a blog prompt.

Week 1: Digital Identity

Who are you online?
What social traces do you leave?
How would you like to start / continue shaping your digital presence and identity?

Week 2: Digital Networks

Who do you interact with in online spaces?
What are your current networks?
How do you find and join different networks?
What do different networks afford you?

Week 3: Digital Pedagogy

How can you use digital spaces in your courses?
What have others done?
What do online spaces afford students?

Week 4: Digital Scholarship

Who is your audience when you publish scholarly works?
Are there different audiences you want to reach?
What does digital scholarship look like?
What does digital scholarship afford you?